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Lock Screen Image Android

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Lock Screen Image Android. You do not require any special app to change it. There is no lock screen image in android.

Android L features revealed: Lock screen | Greenbot
Android L features revealed: Lock screen | Greenbot from

The lock screen is different from the home screen on your android phone, although the two locations share similar traits. The lock screen on your android device isn't just there for functionality. Activate pop up windows/draw over.

Solo locker is an elaborate lock screen app for android which lets you choose from a wide range of wallpapers, which have the exciting bit about the pattern or pin code options is that you can choose your own image for each circle, giving the lock screen of your android device a more personal feel.

You may have a great android theme on your smartphone, with attractive background images and great wallpaper. While the basics and fundamentals may not always seem important, they often go the longest way in ensuring you stay safe. We've discussed time and time again how important it is to maintain good smartphone security. If you don't like your default theme and background, then there's good news—it's not hard to change the picture on your lock screen in android so that you can have whatever image you.

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