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Live Wallpaper Only On Lock Screen

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Live Wallpaper Only On Lock Screen. Then select wallpaper by holding your finger on a blank place on your screen. New lock screen post android update may 16.

Like the new Live WP8.1 Lock Screen? Get some great … from

Ringtones & sound notifications ⇨ find the best ringtones for your calls or the best notification sound among hundreds of choices. However, only live wallpaper maker 4k provides what people actually want. Never have been, and i'm not sure why, excatly.

But there is a hack that turns longer videos (more than 3 seconds) into live wallpaper.

Intent intent = new intent but this does only work on some the devices. Galaxy s9 video lock screen & home screen settings. When downloaded the app just browse to the wallpaper of your choice, select set walpaper and choose lockscreen(choose both if you want it on your home screen as well). Now, you have the ability to use gifs as your wallpaper, and through the marvels of modern technology.

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