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How To Set A Live Wallpaper Android

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How To Set A Live Wallpaper Android. Live wallpaper app for android. A live wallpaper is an animated image that takes the place of a stagnant image on your homescreen.

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Now i have to set live wallpaper automatically using a service, means live wallpaper should set automatically everyday on screen. Intent to set the wallpaper. Where to locate live wallpapers on your mobile device.

How to create a live wallpaper.

But how do you set a moving wallpaper on an android device? A fun android feature called live wallpaper was briefly introduced in this tutorial. Now, you have the ability to use gifs as your wallpaper, and through the marvels of modern technology. Live wallpaper — which moves like a gif as you tap and hold — makes your android or iphone user experience even more interesting.

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